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I have an unpublished volume of poetry, To HerselfTo Herself includes the following poems:  “Becoming Aged,” “Beauty,” “Darling Girl,” “The Mammogram,” “Alice’s Choice,” “Where Do I Find Me?” “What Do You See When You See Me?” “The Creative Spark,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” “American Shame,” “Death Waits,” “Entwined,” “Betrayed by Feet,” “For Coco,” “Porn Worshipper,” “Teach Us To Be More,” “O,” “Trust,” “What Have We Become?” “Where Did the Time Go?” “Grandchildren and Regret,” “Natasha,” “Katie Kate,” “Tatianna,” “Call Me a Young Woman,” “The Dirtiest Words,” “Slut?” “Sister Love,” “The Passive Female,” “The One-Eyed Snake,” “Lilith,” “Nymphomaniac,” “Menopause,” “Game of Thrones,” “Porn Speaks,” “Viagra Surprise,” “Sex Ed,” “Broken, Broken, Broken,” “Pink Viagra,” “My Father,” “Beauty Standard,” “My America,” “A Bat and Hope,” “First Menarche,” “Surprise on the Water,” “Little Rapists,” “Anal Sex,” “Vagina,” “Penis,” “The Rainbow,” “The Mom Sense,” “’Proud of my Body,’” “Violence Against Women,” “Stalker.”

About Kathleen

Kathleen is an Associate Professor at Community College of Philadelphia, an author, a mother to three beautiful girls, and a wife for over 22 years.